Just thinking…..

How do you cope with anxiety? It plagues the lives of so many of us, women in particular. Many women are isolated with small children at home and lose confidence to interact with the adult world, others have just been caught in patterns of behaviour and thinking that lead to more worry about the past, the present and the future. Nothing protects you from it – not money or status. For some women there are issues of fear and anxiety over health, wealth, fidelity, success, fertility, ambition, career and calling.  Many women, myself included are tempted to believe in things that are not true – lies that we take from society, a family member, a friend. 

I found this list interesting. 10 Lies women often believe:

I will never let someone hurt me again
I can depend on this guy to meet all my needs
I think everyone is talking about me
I’m not as beautiful as she is
I can’t do that even if I try
I must do ________, so I’ll be loved
I won’t let it hurt my feelings
I’m not good enough for him
I’ll never recover from that mistake
I know this guy would never disappoint me
Does anything on the list resonate? Have you spoken out about your anxiety before? Do you have a friend and confidant that you can share with? How would you help a friend who is paralysed by fear and anxiety?