Christmas Baking

Christmas baking. I am about to scan my files and recipe books, blogs and Pinterest for some Xmas baking inspiration. The interesting thing as my family gets older is that I have more volunteers for help with the baking and a few bigger girls who want to cook on their own. Think family kitchen in chaos, covered with dirty utensils and layered in a fine dust of icing sugar!

In the past favourites have been homemade fudge, shortbread, biscotti, coconut ice, chocolate bark, gingerbread and mini fruit cakes. This year I need to find something that fits the gluten and dairy free, but sweet and decadent category. Plus I need to make bulk of a few things – so we have gifts for family, friends and neighbours. How are you going with that Christmas baking? I have soaked my fruit for our Christmas cake but have not made it…yet. If you have a great idea or recipe are you happy to share? We could have a plan for Christmas baking by the end of the week.

Overall, I think the fun is in sharing the cooking time with others and then making the most of your bounty by wrapping them in boxes, bags and bows. But I know that cooking is not for everyone. And I love this image that came via Pinterest. Huh! Has this ever happened to you?