Help me, my friend….


Hey friend,

This afternoon was blocked out as a working window to write. No, not lovely blog posts but the more serious, academic stuff that I have engaged with called the PhD.  But things have happened and my day has not quite evolved as planned.

I have however, had a tyre fixed and refitted. I have explored the possibility of upgrading from a Queen size bed to a King. Any advice? I have done several loads of washing and read 4 academic papers. Then there were bills that I paid, emails that I responded to and a book I read speedily over lunch. So I have been productive but have not aligned all of my energy into the very thing that I must do today. And it is almost school pick up time. Hmmm.

I am getting close to 1000 blog posts on this humble little blog space. It started out as a family journal of life with small people, feeding them and nurturing them. Since 6mouthsfeed we have become 7mouths2feed and now, as the big 1-0-0-0 approaches I have been  considering stepping away from this story. It has been a grand jaunt, through the grim days of motherhood and babies, school days and making memories with my kids. Blogging has kept me writing and reading when everything else felt too hard.

Nowadays there is so much to read and consume I am a little overwhelmed at times by it all. But for me,  blogging has helped me make sense of it all. I don’t pretend to be an expert. I just do better when I am part of a team. Thank you for adding to the discussion, sharing a post or trying a recipe. If you have been following a long for a time you will have no doubt tried to bake bread with me, made a never fail chocolate cake, experimented with the no sugar way and perhaps dabbled in some good reading. We have shared faith stories, debated the latest parenting approach or enjoyed a new movie or tune. This blog is many things.

So what should I do? Make 1000 posts, celebrate and slip away into cyber land? Is it time for a new more grown up blog. A makeover perhaps? Some Q and A. Help me polish this story, 7mouthsfeed and find my next Big thing.

Yours, S x

The Copper Hen

  The Copper Hen-Cakery and Kitchen. A large open space that had been lovingly restored complete with pressed copper roof, large wooden beams, polished boards and a sumptuous eatery. It is a farm-to-table cakery (love this word) in ‘Eat Street’ in the heart of the city of Minneapolis. When we visited to have our late lunch and glass of wine The Copper Hen was a month old. So young but doing a great trade and trying some new things. According to Heavy Table the husband and wife team Chris and Danielle Bjorling raised nearly $12,000 as a kick-starter from friends and neighbours to get their passion project, a rustic, farmhouse style bakery and cafe off the ground. I am totally seduced by the amazing looking bread and the display of sweet treats. And I admire anyone starting a food business – you can see the hard work in the space, the detail, the attention to please.

We sampled this cheeseboard and tried a ‘black and white pizza’ which was simply fig and goats cheese on a leavened base. It was thin, but dense and chewy – quite a new sensation, but lovely. Does everything taste so good when you are away from home and exploring? I am not sure. But this little establishment was simply good fun. You can follow them on Facebook and be inspired for your next leavened adventure in your own kitchen.

Once Upon a time….

I don’t regard myself as a great story teller. I am not the one who holds court at a party with some great yarn to tell. But this doesn’t mean I don’t have stories to tell. I do, we all do.

My man and I have been considering this notion of “storytelling”as integral to how we do life together in a community. When we meet people, catch up with friends for a coffee or over a meal we tell each other stories. The story of what you have been doing, how the kids are fairing at school, how you got on with that difficult colleague at work, the story of getting more rest over the last week. Our stories are often pedestrian and we assume they don’t have a narrative highlight or turning point, so others may not be interested. But our life is one big story. God’s story and good news sets the scene and our own tale is intertwined into that one; sometimes we resist, rebel and sometimes our story is one of reconciliation and contrition. Making our story more in tune with His.

In the last few days I have heard stories of marriage hardship, of addiction to work, of temptation with porn, of sickness, bad judgement, hope and hilarity. Stories about new purchases, new ideas, travel and the imminent death of a grandmother. Tales of a poor diagnoses, of bullying, new friendships and people making new connections. Others have stories of melancholy, of restlessness, discontent and fatigue. Our stories all intersect. We gather, we share and we connect and hopefully reflect His story in it all.