More bread but this time with beer

I just had to show you the great bread I made last week, using nothing more than flour, salt and the dregs from Andrew’s Asahi home brew. Yes he is back brewing after months of fasting. And we are back making bread, highly experimentally with the beer yeast.

The beer dregs with the yeast lying below.

The little loaves look so gorgeous and they really had some rise to them. Taste wise there  is a hint of the hops and perhaps a bitterness too. But they worked a treat with butter and cheese.

Can You Find the Red Duck?

So…. day three of the fabulous food for your family countdown.
My family is not afraid of spice and even the toddler eats a bit of curry albeit with lots of rice. This particular dish has become a favourite one to be done when entertaining – often prepared alongside other curries.

Red Duck Curry

You will need one large duck – 1.8-2kg Roasted, cooled and the meat removed.
Mae Ploy Red Curry paste – we have been using this brand for years and I find the red, green and yellow a reliable addition to my pantry

Coconut cream
Various red/green vegetables – green beans, snow peas, cherry tomatoes and red capsicum
Coriander, bean shoots and fried shallots( available from Asian grocery store) – all for garnish

Simply fry off a large dessertspoon of curry paste until fragrant and add the coconut cream. Cook until the milk splits. Add duck meat and warm through. Add your choice of vegetables, but take not to over cook. Adjust seasoning to taste – fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice all work as the magic trio that lifts this dish. If you desire something more exotic this curry works well with additions of lychees or mango cheeks roughly chopped. The sweetness of the fruit marries well with the rich duck meat.

Serve this with steamed rice and loads of garnish for freshness and crunch.

Beer …especially a red duck beer would go well with this meal don’t you think?