Life Begins at 72

I often write about creativity and being inspired in daily life to make something special out of the ordinary and the mundane. This very special book, The Paper Garden : Mrs Delany Beigns her Life’s work at 72, by renowned poet Molly Peacock unveils a story of courage and inspiration. The biography of eighteenth Century woman  Mary Granville Pendarves Delany (1700–1788) is a testimony of art and life taking an unusual turn. Upon her second husband’s death, she arose from her grief, picked up a pair of scissors and, at the age of seventy-two, created a new art form, mixed-media collage.  Mrs. Delany created an astonishing 985 botanically correct, breathtaking cut-paper flowers, now housed in the British Museum and referred to as the Flora Delanica. 
The writer Molly Peacock parallels her own life’s journey as an artist and woman, making this an interesting read at many levels. Now don’t be fooled by the idea of paper art and craft. It is not the cutting and pasting that your kids complete in primary school. Delany’s work is simply amazing  and the skill and eye for detail is almost unbelievable for someone her age. So be prepared to read The Paper Garden like an adventure in Austen and a reflective modern perspective of female creativity. It may well make you want to start your life anew….