Giving up

I love reading and the idea of reading. But I am aware that it has taken me years to give myself permission not to read, not to continue a book if I am not enjoying it, if I am bored or find it trivial.

I was most surprised to discover that Ian Mc Ewan’s novel SOLAR has had this effect on me.

I am quite an admirer of Mc Ewan’s work. The Child in Time, On Chisel Beach, Atonement and Saturday to name a few that stand out. But Solar focuses on a male protagonist, Michael Beard who is a Nobel winning physicist in his late 50s. He is also on his fifth marriage and is an immoral womaniser whose career needs saving as much as his personal life.

So a good third into the novel I have given up. No more reading about his jealously and sad reflections on relationships and the environment. Is this the way for all men in mid-life?

I look forward to better things from Mr Mc Ewan. I can only hope.

What have you read lately?