Holiday Shack

So we have been back and forth to our holiday shack, a little cottage that oozes charm and some much needed TLC. It has been fun creating a space that is like home away from home. The kids have enjoyed the fire, keeping warm with layers of wool, the backyard and the opportunity to play and relax differently. I am reminded again just how much one’s space dictates how we live and the quality of each day.

The colour on the walls can calm or ignite frenzied emotion.
Light can open and darkness closes in.
Small spaces enclose and trap, whereas a larger living space gives us all room to move.
Clutter literally ‘messes’ with my head; a more neutral space furnished only with basics seems simple and liveable.

It has been difficult though going back and forth. Just starting to relax at home and them back to the shack; starting work and then stopping; connecting with friends and then reorganising schedules. But we are blessed and it is the start of a huge big adventure. Have you got away for a mid winter break?

Real Life Homes

Real living is about having space for family life, creativity and fun play with all the big and small people in your home. It is a place to rest, reflect and revitalise one another in conversation, care and comfort. Home is where the rules can be relaxed as we simply learn to”be”. It is also the place we make mess, do the laundry and say sorry. Home sweet home is the place we share with those we love.