Fair Food

Do you take the time to consider where your food is sourced from? How many food miles it has travelled to your plate? I have friends who have a sincere and passionate approach to doing good food with a conscience.
Where we live many friends have their own vegetable patch, access to growing and butchering their own meat, some hunt and smoke fish and eel, others forage from local roadsides, who grind their own grains to make flour/bread and then there are those who use fresh milk to drink and make butter and cheese. I do some of this but none of it well. We live right in town – a CBD kind of existence in a regional setting.

But when we were true city dwellers we would frequent CERES regularly and I loved reading about their Fair Food initiative. How to have the best of the country in town! We have friends who participate in this program and it sounds awesome – a great way of getting good food and building community with local people.

If you want to be challenged to think about the milk you are buying, then you may find this blogpost helps to inform your buying power. The writer compares Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Company with Parmalat Pure Organic milk. Where do you shop? Do you source any of your food locally, from a farm or dairy?