For some reason I have a history of always missing the new thing…the first episode of a groundbreaking television series, the first issue of a great new magazine (Frankie?), the opening of a gallery or store. You name it and it always seems to happen to me. So I don’t mind being the last to know? Well, things sure are a changing. Let me introduce you to Fete. A fabulous brand new online magazine – this is the first issue. The lovely girls at Fete believe that their magazine will enhance your life as you gather in your community of treasured friends and family and celebrate.

We believe in making time for family and friends, making it just a little bit special and celebrating.
We are the real deal – it’s got to be easy, accessible and authentic. We hope you’ll enjoy entertaining as much as we do! Every idea in fête has to pass our time-poor test.

There are new ideas for table decoration, menus, playlists, drinks, frocks and fashion…and more. Be inspired to entertain with style. It did help that my all time favourite flower, the peony rose is featured. Add it to your bookshelf, you won’t want to miss this one, again.