Frozen Holiday Treat

We had such a hoot visiting Frozen at Melbourne’s new Emporium in the CBD. What is there not to like about a serve yourself frozen yogurt mecca, with toppings that will blow your mind. It was like being a kid in a candy store. Yep, we were 5 kids and 2 adults making choices about berry yogurt, soy mango, almond and vanilla and chocolate. And then we had to line up at add all the toppings – lollies, chocolate, macaroon lolly pops and then you could add nuts, chia seeds, or pomegranate pearls.

┬áThe presentation was clean, streamlined and oh so pretty. I liked minimal presentation, the warmth of wood, polished concrete floors, some retro light fittings and a young Asian dude weighing our cups of yogurt treasures. Yes you pay by weight – so there was much parental guidance in the self serving!

I imagine you could create your very own Frozen bar at home. Invite some friends over for dinner and have a party creating amazing treats for everyone. Note the American jelly beans and large chunks of Turkish Delight in this cup. Hhhmmmm. Enjoy xx