I HEART my Room, too

This book has been well loved in recent weeks. We have just had all the kid bedrooms painted. We have been pragmatic about paint colour in our home – every wall now has a lovely lick of Antique White USA and double strength on all the skirting boards, window and trim. The look is light, bright and fresh. Megan Morton, Jason Busch and Penny Shek have produced a lovely Australian take on making kid’s rooms shine. Some of the rooms are striking in their size, shape and design. But mostly it is the clever combination of fabrics, bedding, a great blind, treasures carefully and artfully arranged, stuff well organised and curated that makes the room work. So if you are looking for inspiration for a new kidlet room this could be it.

A word of advice from someone with five children (16- 5 years). The ideas, design love, colour scheme and dreams of children change quickly. So make a point of using your space creatively, organise stuff- less is more. Create a neutral base with a white or even a dark charcoal and allow colour to brighten the room with a great bed cover, cushions, a favourite rug, artwork or lamp. Find a space to sleep in, a space for folded or hanging clothes, a seat for read in or nook for hiding in, a surface for writing, drawing or organising ‘stuff’ and an area of the wall to hang precious images, art and certificates.

Remember you will probably be the one straightening the room up, yes on most days. Make it easy for you and simple for the kids to work in and live and love.


Maybe I need more colour in my life? Not spice, but colour. Today I am dressed in black jeans, grey boots and layers of black, grey and french navy on top. I add colour via lipstick if I go out.How about you? Are you good with colour? I have admired Tricia Guild’s take on colour in her UK homes and often think we are more retrained here in Australia. Well maybe it is me – a neural palette. The kids are keen to craft today and pom poms have been requested, made from wool and paper. What a fun way to add some colour….


Just want a bit of colour in your life? I recall during the GFC trend forecasters suggesting our clothes and homes would suddenly be a wash of citrus and fluros. Well this is a tasteful nod to something bright and fun but not all 70s psychedelic!  A few bright yellow stools, a tea pot, the odd bowl and some lemons. A perfect balance. Enjoy.

Piece by Piece

I have been working on a little sewing project for a friend. This has been taking place behind the scenes of family life for months now and I am so excited that it is almost ready to be revealed here. It involves art and fabric and an exhibition. So stay tuned this week for more information.

But just for a little sneak peak at the project I thought I would share some of my inspiration. I was writing about my own creative endeavours and what influences my ideas. Denyse Schmidt has been very important over the last few years. She creates and breaks the rules about colour, pattern, texture and placement. And so do I. When my sewing lines are not straight and I use the natural curve and shape of a garment in a new project, it breaks conventions. Freedom!
This is an image from one of her workshops in the US.

Painting your house

We have finally committed (i think) to doing some much needed painting in our family home. It is a daunting task because the ceilings are high and the spaces are big. It is times like these that I feel grown up – like purchasing carpet or a new dresser or car. These are things that your parents used to do right…not me?
The task at hand it to decide on colour or what exact colour of neutral we will use in our space.
So here are a few things that inspire me right now.
Love the neutrals here, the timber and the much coveted David Bromley art work.
My passion for red….can you have too much of it?
Simple botanicals – white on white.
Playful colours, textures, fonts and maps in paper.