Book of the Week

Andrew is reading this interesting looking non fiction account by Tom Keneally. A provocative and sobering look at three great famines of our time.

This is a book club book for me and a genre I like to watch in films but don’t read usually at all. It is set in Melbourne and has the usual suspects of crime fiction, but an easy and so far entertaining read. Perhaps a little bit predictable – are cops always middle aged, hard drinking lost souls?

We have seen a bit of Deborah Ellis this year as J is reading Diego Run for school and M has recently read Pavana. She loved this one….I love the cover. Yes you can judge a book by its cover many times over, cant’ you?

J has re-read this book. He loved it when he read it in the holidays and read it again, prompted by discussions of a guy he knows that might be just like Christopher. It is a great read and I can highly recommend it’s unusual account of Asperger Syndrome.

And B is now reading this funny Gleiztman and Jennings title…..the Harry Potter series is over (boo hoo) and she is finding satisfaction in this light hearted romp.
What are you reading this week? I am very keen to get some more titles for the older kids. Send in your suggestions.