Can you remember your prep year at school?

Today our new prep child said she had a ‘good day’ and had made two new friends. One name escapes her, but the other new friend happens to be the girl I introduced her to at the drawing table this morning. I didn’t know her either but I read her name badge and did the introductions around the table.

What I am learning in prep is how important names are.
As a teacher I used to pride myself in how quickly I learnt all the students names. Now, in the wake of baby brain and busyness I tend to remember a few key friends that the children have and sometimes the parent’s names. But usually the grown ups become “Sarah’s mummy” or “Riley’s Mum” and their real, adult name escapes me.

image by b_d_solis

Any good communication workshop will tell you that you need to say someone’s name at least 5-6 times upon meeting them.

“So Sarah, how is your son doing?”
“And what did he say after the first day Sarah?”
“Good to meet you Sarah.”
“We hope to catch up again Sarah.”
“Oh will you be staying for assembly Sarah.”

As you know this kind of conversation can sometimes feel awkward and forced. But when someone remembers your name it is such a gift.
Someone wants to communicate with me.

So as I encourage my kids to introduce themselves to new children and remember their names I am mindful that I need to put this very important communication tool into action as well. So as you plan your week with the kids the challenge is to remember as many new names as you can from your child’s class. Are you up for the challenge?

Let me know how you go!