City Centre in Pictures

Muji – simple, elegant Japanese loveliness

Street Art up High, large scale

Shopping inspiration from Gorman

Small family outing for Frozen Yogurt

Tis been so long

It is quite possibly 14 years since I have stepped into this suburban city pool. The girls are splashing around and my man is cutting laps. This is where my boy did a Vicswim program at age 3 or 4 and well, he refused to get in the water after day one. Perhaps not a big deal, but when you are juggling a toddler and baby this kind of stubborn behaviour makes everything go pear shape pretty fast.

Nowadays I write and read pool side. Last year I managed to complete an entire MOOC while the kids swam each week. But I feel for the young Mums, anxiously supervising wet kids, swim lesson meltdowns and their own entry into the water. Do you remember? When you don’t have the right post baby bathers, when you haven’t seen the inside of a beauty salon for years and you are struggling to feel respectable doing the 5 metre dash from chair to pool? Girls I remember….but hang in there. The day will come when you can let them swim without getting in, when you too can cut laps and enjoy the freedom of the water again. You will have time and you will get your mojo back. 

Greater Things

Inspired by my reading of Tara Mohr’s Playing Big. Imagine big things for yourself. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you on the journey. Be grateful. Make time for yourself.

This message is meant for me, but maybe it works for you today, too. I know so many creative  talented women in my local community who just need to be given permission to live a big life.

Thankful that all my big dreams are held by Him. xx

Real Living Lunch for One

Dear Haloumi,

There you were at the back of the fridge. I had not forgotten you, really. Thanks for calling out and catching my attention. You are best when pan fried and drizzled with lemon juice.  I thought you were looking a little pale, so some home grown tomatoes and basil were a perfect partnership.

I ate you while listening to a podcast and flicking through a home magazine. I love you. You sustained me.

Thanks for everything. Xx