Variety is the Spice of Life

Recently a friend shared with me her menu planner – a long list of menu ideas to make her dinner time preparation super easy. When asked for mine I realised I had none…..well no formal list or keepsake. I have instead ideas for food that evolve week to week.

These ideas are generally in response to what I have in the pantry and fridge and I guess what I have a hankering for. I thought I would share what was on the list last week to give you an idea.

Thai Green Prawn Curry

The secret here is frozen prawns and frozen Asian Style Vegetables – no chopping…. simply fry the curry paste, add coconut milk, prawns and vegies and finish with lime juice, brown sugar and fish sauce. Serve with rice.

Risotto with Asparagus, mushroom and chicken

Pan fry pieces of chicken breast and reserve for serving. I use aborio rice, white wine (left overs), chicken stock cubes, sliced mushrooms and asparagus spears. Finish with lots of fresh parmesan and serve with chicken.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Butternut pumpkin, sweet potato, a tin of diced tomatoes, tablespoon of green curry paste, water to cover. These ingredients are boiled together and it is seasoned with salt and sugar. I find adding tomatoes to pumpkin soup tends to enrich its colour and taste. Blend/puree soup and serve with cream.

Tuna and Olive Penne Pasta

Cook the penne pasta. Meanwhile prepare parmesan, tin tuna and olives. Add a jar of Arrabiata pasta sauce and remaining ingredients to the pasta and serve.

Hokkien Noodles with Beef and Broccolini

Marinate stir fry beef strips in soy sauce, oyster sauce, sweet chilli and some olive oil. Stir fry beef and remove. Fry onion, garlic and broccolini add prepared noodles and cook until hot. Add beef and additional sauces to taste. Finish with loads of been shoots for added crunch.

What did you have for dinner last week?