Is it too early to talk about 2016? Too early to talk about my new planner??

Well I love planners and have been experimenting with various additions of late. Trying to organize my online calendar, hard copy planner, journal and ideas book.Trying to integrate my digital world with a yearning for hard copy. Let us face it I love hard copy. Beautiful pages, quality paper, the smell of new stationary. It is all quite delightful.

My quest for this kind of planner has taken me on many adventures this year. I have experimented with print your own PDFs, hard bound planners, filo faxes and the like. But after finding something gorgeous in Day Designer I decided the freight from the USA was not sustainable. So let’s see how this local planner from Loni Parker at Adore stands up to the test.

It feels robust and looks lovely. I am not a pastel gal at heart so I need to work hard at loving the soft hues she has chosen for the planners overall colorway. It has ample space inside for days, dates and times…..but little play space.  And it is large. I think this is a desk planner not a grab and go, take everywhere tool. So it will be a work in progress.

What planner do you use? What inspires you to get organized? I would love to know.
 I may design my own planner yet. Watch this space. X x