Planning with kids

This is the week that four of our five kids start school. Three resume school and one will start for the very, very first time. We are holding our breath to see how the week will go as the anticipation to the big day builds. We have 4 more sleeps. Just 4 more days and then I will walk the little one to school and with a kiss and a hug and wave goodbye.

No more lazy “Mummy Days” which we had both grown to really love. Just the morning rush, packing bags, doing hair and readers. So how do we redeem the rush hour when there are 7 mouths to feed, bodies to dress, bags to pack, school/work belongings to organise.

Recently A and I had some quiet reflection about family life and time to really talk about each child and who they are and what they need. The discussion was a little overwhelming! Five children. Can we do it? How do we do it?

I guess the bottom line is that we do all that we are called to do, in Him. The successes and the joys are a true bonus because it is hard work caring for and loving so many. We make mistakes, seek forgiveness and try again the next day. But today and probably over the next few days there is a bit of planning that will take place. Uniforms that need adjusting or replacing, books to be covered and belongings to be named. We can help out kids by helping them get organised. Here are some goals for the week:

  1. Organise uniforms and name all items…again!
  2. Clear out pegs for the school bags and make room for one more – no. 4!
  3. Locate all drink bottles and lunch boxes
  4. Compile a favourite lunch/snack list with contributions from all 4 children
  5. Pray for each one – that they make friends and be a good friend, that they learn with enthusiasm and that they know God is with them when we are not.