50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, photographed in New York City.
Photograph by Annie Leibovitz via Vanity Fair

There has been a long standing thing between my man and I. When we met he had never seen The Sound of Music, and never wanted to. Well I am glad to say that this ‘situation’ has changed and we are great fans of the musical in our home. This lovely Vanity Fair article celebrating the 50th anniversary of the musical was a great read. Some things continue to be a part of your life. And I believe The Sound of Music is one of them. Can it really be that long ago?

No Grey Area

It has been a week now, and the avalanche of social media hype surrounding the debut of the film 50 Shades of Grey seems to have subsided. Thank. God. No really.

The book has apparently little literary merit. It is chick lit at its worst. I say ‘apparently’ because I have not read it and have no desire to. I wrote about the book several times upon its release here and here.

The film on the other hand has piqued the interest of people who would not devote any respectable amount of time to reading the book, but a few short hours on the big screen seems to have been a different matter. But the verdicts have been mixed. Feminist have been vocal. There has been reports of the film being more about domestic, emotional and psychological abuse than erotica. And for those who have sat there, it has been confronting, funny, disappointing and tragic in the most absurd way. If you are interested in reading one such review you could start here and read Rosie Waterland’s review on Mamamia.

One of the things I find problematic is the positioning of a rich, good looking man – a protagonist that many a reader would ‘fall’ for – in such a role as Mr Grey. The reality is we are all easily seduced, by a word, a look, a gesture of kindness, a promise of love, romance, hope and fulfillment. This latest hurrah seems like a slightly more grown up (twisted and unchaste) version of the Twilight series that had girls swooning.

I have four girls. I don’t want them to enter adulthood thinking this pulp fiction is how women should behave and what they should aspire to. This is not about being progressive. This is about confronting what behaviour we should abhor and avoid. But when you are young, naive and “entering the world of men” as the sixteen von Trapp daughter sang in The Sound of Music sometimes there is not the wisdom and discernment there to protect you and save you from yourself.

There is no grey area when it comes to Mr Grey. Say no. It is a black and white issue. Really.

Blue Shoes On

Bared Shoes

These are not my new shoes. I have this pair of Parrot shoes from Bared Footwear in a very neutral nude, beige, pinkish colour. They have been versatile and fun to wear. But I am quite taken by new blue shoes? I am notoriously hard on shoes. And I tend to find a pair I love and wear them out. Not what the shoe experts encourage you to do. Has a new pair of shoes caught your eye?

No More Mummy Days

My baby girl has made it through her first week of Prep. Prep or Foundation as it is also known, is the first year of school for us in Australia and it is formal, structured and five full days of learning.

There have been no tears this week.  From me that is. This is the fifth time I have waved good bye to a little prep person. It is a huge journey this roller coaster ride called school.  I hope hers will be joyful, challenging and extraordinary.

If I am honest I am sad that the Mummy days are over. Days of one to one strolls down town, coffee in a cafe, baking slowly at home with no demands or agendas. This picture is one of our last Mummy days while on holidays. Milk bottles and plastic animals and all. Here is hoping that we find time for Mummy dates in lieu of Mummy days in the future.

Creative Block

There is a creative block going on in my home. Note the yarn and needles are ready and placed in a gorgeous new hemp basket from General Eclectic. I have even stashed a few patterns too for inspiration. But instead of doing creative things I find myself:

Paying bills, washing the dog, doing laundry, cleaning and tidying, administration for the kids at school, school readers, planning meals, some research work…. But no creative tango with my yarn.
Do you let the ordinary and mundane get in the way of being creative? Tell me how you make time. S x