Green meat is no go….

I don’t like telling lies. To anyone, let alone my children. But after months, well maybe it is years of serving up “green meat” with pasta and discussing all number of vegies in a great tomato based sauce M has decided it is a no go. I have a fabulously easy and quite delicious vegetable lasagne which is a layered affair based around ricotta, roasted pumpkin or kumara, spinach and a store bought jar of pasta sauce. Tonight M refused to eat it and the realisation that there is in fact not such thing as green meat has marked the end in a parent’s fairytale of good food choices.

I am not all that phased that she had baked beans instead. We have eaten well all weekend – having had two “entertaining” nights this week. Our lives are insanely busy with “A’s” new rooms opening in just over a week. But we desperately wanted to carve out some good time of fellowship and normality and entertain. So we did……

Chicken pot pies part 1:

My son took an old edition of od Donna Hay kids issue to bed with him so he could lust after the fabulous birthday cake and part food ideas. He then discovered the kids section in Nigella Lawson’s FEAST – and we decided to make Chicken pot pies. He made the pastry and had that “Aha” moment watching the flour, butter and eggs slowly and then suddenyl become a ball of dough in the food processer. Great pastry! We opted for a more grown up version, with the addition of bacon, a little of last nights sauvignon blanc and both peas and sweetcorn.

My man…

He is back again. “A” has spent 5 days in WA at a conference. The days sped by in a blur of school frenzy, excursions, kidner runs, swimming lessons, feeding and cleaning. Day four was the worst – I hit the wall, missing him and all that he brings to our family.

He is has bought new rooms and things have got busy as the deadline to opening looms large and the space – inside and out – is a bomb. An ordered bomb I guess.

It is my birthday tomorrow. Always an anticlimax, says me a woman of a certain age. The kids enjoy the cake and candles and an excuse for some fun food. I think “A” and I are going out for dinner. My present was an early one – a new digi SLR camera. See the image is good don’t you think?

Six months and a new mouth

Life continues to be a rollercoaster – the school holidays were wonderful. We managed to get a way to SA and stay in a great house in Robe just moments from the beach and shops. The kids loved the sea and sand and because it wasn’t searingly hot we managed not to drag half the beach back with us in the car and wetsuits and towels.

One of the highlights of the week was Lily’s venture into real food – solid food. As she turned the magical 6 months, one and then two teeth appeared. I am actually enjoying this stage, probably because she just opens her mouth and eats! She has loved peach, pear and apple, farex(??) and weet bix, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato and potato and today we added in some forked mashed peas. Unfortunately, the one food she has been not so interested in is avocado. This has been a much loved food of our family and a great to-go food with young children as you rush out the door to the park and need a baby food to go.

This week school has started again and life has turned a new corner with school lunches and baby food, plus the real adult food all featuring in my daily routine. I would like to think more about this good food for kids and how we might change the world. Hhhmmmm.