No Time to Cook


My fascination with good cook books continues. I discovered this treasure in the home of my sister in law, busy mother of two small people. Laura Herring’s The No Time to Cook Book has a great range of up to the minute recipes and ideas for putting healthy food on the table for your family, three times a day, seven days a week. What I loved about Herring’s book is the fun illustrations and the easy to follow instructions.

 Much like these how to overnight oats, her recipes use a build your own concept for making and creating delicious food. Basic recipe plus extras. Imagine not one but several different ways to create a salad for a on the go lunch at work, pizzas a la DIY, soups, dips, smoothies, sweet treats and  more.

This would make a great gift for a young person learning how to cook and survive in the wilderness of apartment living. A Christmas gift addition perhaps? Be inspired with this little book. If you are like me there are always many mouths to feed so here is some inspiration and food that is fast. 

Minus One

School lunches – Nude Food Boxes, Flasks and fruit

So I have been meaning to tell you that on the weekend we lost our boy. He flew to China with his year level from school and he will be away for four weeks. Four weeks is a long time. Tonight our youngest asked if he would be back tonight. She has no concept of the time he is away, or the impact it will have on us all. I am so excited for him. And am praying for his safety and protection, with each breath I take. It will be interesting to see how one less mouth to feed ( and I mean a 6ft teenage boy mouth size) will change family meal times and the chaos of packing school lunches. And the overall soundtrack of our life together……..