Maybe I need more colour in my life? Not spice, but colour. Today I am dressed in black jeans, grey boots and layers of black, grey and french navy on top. I add colour via lipstick if I go out.How about you? Are you good with colour? I have admired Tricia Guild’s take on colour in her UK homes and often think we are more retrained here in Australia. Well maybe it is me – a neural palette. The kids are keen to craft today and pom poms have been requested, made from wool and paper. What a fun way to add some colour….

Decisions Decisions….

We have tiles in our bathroom that have seen better days. Think cracked, moving, merging and letting in the water behind what is probably not a wall protected from moisture. So the idea of renovating the bathroom (s) which has been a nice idea to entertain up until now, may have more recently become an urgent project needing attention. There are so many gorgeous possibilities when it comes to bathrooms, but I would love some ideas. Do you think grey works in a bathroom? All white – it is clean but can it be too clinical? A dark charcoal/noir? And do you like large tiles, smaller one, mosaics. Help!