So if you thought that sketching and scribbling on paper tableware was something for little people, think again. My man, my boy and I found much to talk about as we shared a beer and some creative expression with pencils and brown paper.

Drawing is one of my favourite things to do. And yet I make very little time to draw. I think it is my mindful activity – a way of slowing down, watching, imagining and carefully replicating, creating. Leaving a small imprint of me and the world.


image: source unknown

This is powerful. Many of us dislike silence. It breeds fear, anxiety and self doubt. But there in the silence there are words, ideas, creativity, blessing, connection and an abundance of possibilities.

I know this when I spend time with my man.

I know this when I meet my maker in the silence of quiet meditation.

I know this as I coach professionals wanting to be their best selves.

I know this as I hear the heart truths from one of my kids.

Make silence your friend. Find some today. Turn of your phone. Unplug. Listen in the silence.

Creative Work

Dear Creative Friend,
You are talented and have so many ideas to share with the world. You lack time, patience, money, energy and at times inspiration. There is a gap between your taste,what you love, the art, the beauty you see in the world around you – in words, music, motion, pictures and symbols – and what you produce.
So here is a gentle but powerful video. If you need a voice for your creative frustrations, a motivation to keep working and complete the task then this little movie will have your heart singing. You will smile. You will know.

From your creative friend,

Real Life Homes

Real living is about having space for family life, creativity and fun play with all the big and small people in your home. It is a place to rest, reflect and revitalise one another in conversation, care and comfort. Home is where the rules can be relaxed as we simply learn to”be”. It is also the place we make mess, do the laundry and say sorry. Home sweet home is the place we share with those we love.