Craft2U – an interview with Samantha Kaspers

 Samantha Kaspers is one of those busy, talented women who manages to juggle paid work, family life and her own art studio and business. She has a passion for paper craft and  produces gorgeous work. Read more about Samantha’s journey into the art/craft scene and how she inspires people in her local community and the global network of artists she is apart of online.

Recently the crafting scene has exploded with activity. When did your
interest in the arts and crafts first begin?
I have always loved to try anything arty/crafty.  I started with drawing when I was younger, then discovered “Folk & Decorative Art” which I used to teach here in Hamilton when I lived here 10 years ago.  I then moved to Newcastle and had the opportunity to work very closely with some of Australia’s most famous folk and decorative artists who were extremely talented and just a joy to be around.  In Newcastle I discovered the Scrapbooking craze which I really enjoyed as I am the family historian and am preserving all of our family history (genealogy & photographically).  It is one thing to look at a photo, but as anyone with old photos would probably know, you quite often don’t know who is in the photo, the reason for the photo or its possible significance.  Scrapbooking and journaling gives you a fantastic opportunity to do this.  I really try and keep it simple and let the photos and the ‘story’ speak for themselves.   
What is your particular passion as an artist?
Paper craft has come such a long way, along with colours and fashion.  I love all things “vintage” and “quirky” so it is great to take something as simple as a couple of sheets of paper and turn it into something beautiful to make someone happy.  It is all too easy to forget the written word and “snail mail” these days with technology so I think it is wonderful to open the letter box and find something other than a bill inside.  I always make sure my envelopes are decorated as well so there is a little hint of excitement before you even open it.  I do believe it is always nicer to receive something that is handmade because there is always love involved in making it.
How have you developed your skills ?
I enjoy looking at lots of blogs and books for inspiration.  I also usually have a camera in hand so it is amazing where you can find inspiration.
How do you balance work on your own projects, teaching and studio time with
family life?
Well I am still working on that!  We have only bought a house back in Hamilton 10 months ago and it is difficult juggling work, settling into a new house, family and finding time to be creative and inspired.  It helps to plan time specifically in the studio – otherwise it just doesn’t happen.
What inspires you most?

The beauty around us.  I just love living in the country – it is like I have finally found “home” (although I am a Melbourne girl originally).  Driving towards the Grampians is always a joy.  In my studio it is laying out the table with a beautiful assortment of card, papers, ribbons and stamps and just seeing where it takes me. 
Who would you most like to meet and work with?
I absolutely love Jane Davenport’s work.  Her macro photography and
illustrations are just beautiful!
Is there a current project that you are particularly excited about right
At the moment I am working on the projects for my first term of classes which you can view on my blog, and have just enrolled in a photography course so I am extremely excited about these.
When did you start blogging? How has it helped your work and business?
I started blogging a few years ago and I find it a wonderful way to express myself.  It is also a good opportunity to open people’s eyes to what is available.  The majority of the products I use are from “Stampin’ Up” and I have been very fortunate to be involved with a very supportive group of ladies who freely share their ideas and knowledge.  Most of us have blogs
and it is the best way to share information around the world.  
If people want to find out more about you and your work how can they contact
My studio is open by appointment Thursday morning and Friday.  Classes are held on a weekly basis and I have monthly nights where you can come and use whatever you like in my studio without it being a set project.  Please email me to be on my mailing list and check out my blog @