About a Boy

Today is about my boy, my young man.

But is also about me and my man. We became parents 18 years ago.
I became a Mumma.

Making a cake for this birthday has been bittersweet. An early celebration with friends was a chocolate Jaffa dessert cake. There was no dinosaur, Thomas Train or X box. My boy remembers them all in great detail.

As we celebrate with family tonight we will welcome him into adulthood. But in truth we are  all floating on this week’s mammoth hype, the new Star Wars film. It has been better than all the end of year celebrations apparently….

When my boy was five years old we lived in London. He crept downstairs one night and found my husband and I watching the original Star Wars on TV. He was mesmerized.  That year turning six he had a Star Wars themed party with his entire prep class. Each boy bringing with him a plastic weapon and a lot of Jedi courage. We required some courage too to contain 25 six year old children, but we did it.

There has been so much in between. Many cakes and celebrations. The journey has been amazing. And in truth for him it has only just begun. Xxx

Party Tricks

I love this image that one of my younger girls captured recently at a friends birthday party. It is a great way to see how your children view the world – let the have a go with your camera.
Simple things like hanging doughnuts from string had all of the little people engaged for ages. Cinnamon and sugar covered faces, wide eyes and wet lips from licking! Great fun.

Virtual Birthday Wishes….

I am baker...the virtual cake I would bake

I have a very special friend who celebrates her birthday today. She is far away. Embraced by her family. Loved by those around her. I wish I could have slipped over and shared a cup of tea with her or one of her fabulous biscuits. We would talk and catch up on kids, share reading material, films, news, ideas and inspiration. We love fabric and design, wool and quilting, making and creating. And seeing our kids do this too. She would remind me of what I used to do with my kids when they were young and we lived in the same patch of suburbia, meeting for a cuppa at 9.30 in the morning to catch Play School and have a 30 minute child free conversation. She would encourage me in many ways – she would build confidence when I feel like I am being a bad mother, a grumpy wife, a neglectful daughter or a tired friend. My friend has been pointing me back to Jesus for years and helping me to continue in my faith. I only hope I have been able to bless her in similar ways.

Acts 14: 22
 22 lstrengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them mto continue in nthe faith, and saying that othrough many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.

A Burst of Summer Colour

I have been playing around with some photos tonight and was remembering this birthday photo shoot I organised for my oldest girl’s birthday. It was a girl’s tea party and quite a special afternoon with our friend Jo from WillowGirl Photography. What struck me was the colour of Summer has long gone from our home- no strong light and bursts of colour, but instead subtle autumnal tones, wet leaves, puddles and crisp, cold air. I wonder what the weather is like with you?

The celebrations continues….

While we were away on a 2 week break Bella had her birthday. So we managed to find some good friends who were on SUTS to celebrate with us all. It does seem that year in year out we have her birthday at the beach, with makeshift party cakes. This year I bought a basic sponge and used lavish amounts of pink icing and lollies – it was a crowd pleaser! Oh and it did have the odd shell attached so that it would pass as an ocean treasure box.

Bella had her ears pierced for her birthday and she was so brave. And yesterday she chose herBig present, a rabbit. A gorgeous Lop Eared Ginger rabbit of 6 weeks, which has been named aptly, Ginger.

We hope she survives as we are in the middle of the hottest 4 days in a century. I believe Ginger will get better care and attention than anyone, so I am hopeful!

Bella turns 6

I must remember to bring cake tins and ingredients on family holidays. This is the second chocolate ripple cake Isabella has had – this time a butterfly. Without an electric beater in the holiday house I chose to try that truly awful cream in a can…….it loses its fluff in minutes. So here it is…..nothing a few lollies cannot hide!
Isabella has loved her presents. Note AA the fabulous Charlie and Lola book which has been a hit with the whole family. Lily recognised it from the spine as Bella unwrapped it. Thanks for all the love from the family/friends and Uncles and Aunts.