Morning Glory

Bono  our family dog, the Hungarian Viszla posing with the autumn tones down  by the river. I feel blessed to have some beautiful surrounds, space, clean air and sunshine to bask in as I walk the dog. He gallops and explores; I meander and reflect. Thankful.


Have I told you we have a new addition in our family? A dog. Now I am NOT a dog person, as you may know. But….he has grown on me, and everyone in our family. Maybe it was time. After juggling the births and infant-hood of five children maybe we were all ready for a new addition and the chaos of a puppy. He is a Hungarian Vizsla. He has a gorgeous caramel coloured coat and his name is Bono, after the U2 lead. He is primary cared for by my boy. But we all play with him, feed and walk him.
He has been with us for a few months now and is able to cope with the short trip to the beach. So his presence has made our weekends away much more active.

This is my man and Bono at sunrise.