Feel like a coffee?

In the weeks after Christmas and New Year I took myself off coffee and chocolate and alcohol. I am not back enjoying all three but with more restraint and awareness of how it impacts on my body and mental health. The CCA combo is succumbed to when stress is high, not that I take all three at once but somehow feel free to eat chocolate by 10 in the morning and will happily have 3-4 real coffees a day.
But I realise the coffee thing is a social. It is a part of our day, our daily routine when A makes the morning coffee and the kids wake to hear the grinding and slugging of the machine. It forces me to sit and sip and reflect. Not run and gulp. We use nice latte glasses or cups with saucers. And if the time is right something sweet goes oh so well with the coffee.
Recently I made fig and cashew biscotti which was great. I also made craisin, cashew, coconut and marshmallow rocky road. This was the perfect sweet and crunch to have with my coffee.