Laugh Make Nurture Organise Play

This is an Australian based online magazine that is also full of gorgeousness.
Issue 12 is full of great kid’s room ideas,  box pull toys to make with your little crafters and some fabulous book reviews for kids. Don’t you love picture books??

Don’t Waste Your Life Sentence

When you are hungry…you eat.

Jesus did not come to give us bread, but to BE the BREAD of life.

Check out the trailer for Desiring God’s new feature film
 Don’t Waste Your Life Sentence

This is an awesome reminder of our need for Jesus, no matter what our circumstance.


Painting your house

We have finally committed (i think) to doing some much needed painting in our family home. It is a daunting task because the ceilings are high and the spaces are big. It is times like these that I feel grown up – like purchasing carpet or a new dresser or car. These are things that your parents used to do right…not me?
The task at hand it to decide on colour or what exact colour of neutral we will use in our space.
So here are a few things that inspire me right now.
Love the neutrals here, the timber and the much coveted David Bromley art work.
My passion for red….can you have too much of it?
Simple botanicals – white on white.
Playful colours, textures, fonts and maps in paper.

The Bridge

I “used” to read a number of craft and design blogs. They simply inspired me each day – the pretty images and resourcefulness of wonderful women from around the globe. But the busyness of family life has meant that I don’t really allow myself the luxury all that often. Until yesterday….

Anna Maria Horner is a mother of 6 children, she is young(ish) and a wonderful fabric designer and artist. Her blog is a perfect mix of inspiration and family reflection. She builds a relationship with her readers. We feel as though we know her, although we don’t, really. But I stumbled across a recent post and was moved to tears. Her family of 6 may have been 5. Everyone has a story. Life is not perfect. Our choices are not always the right ones or the best ones.

But this blogpost depicts a choice for good. A choice for life and family. It will surprise you.
Children are God’s greatest blessing”

All images from Anna Maria Horner.com

Never wake a sleeping baby…..

After talking about sleep for more than a decade I am sad to say we are still fixated with that question in our home. The youngest has “been sleeping through the night” for a few months now, but in recent weeks has started to wake at 4 or 5 or 6am. A combination of signs suggest she is teething – fever, fingers in the mouth, yucky nappy, general grumpiness. This photo was taken a week ago when all the trouble started – on this evening she was very happy to fall asleep in the arms of her Ah Kung.

Hazel Green

I have been meaning to write about my friend Jackie for a long time now. It seems appropriate as we approach the mad Christmas season (yes…it is not too early to write that gift list and shop!) that I should introduce you to some absolute loveliness here at home. Jackie is one smart, creative, intelligent woman. Not only is she a busy mum of three children but she is single handedly starting a crafting revolution in her home town. Hazel Green is a divine store full of handmade treasures and beautiful yarn. Whilst all her products are in her online shop, it is the one to one encounter with Jackie that makes every visit special. She has amazing knowledge of her products and she will encourage even the most reluctant knitting shy person to take up some Lantern Moon Needles and a ball of Alpaca wool.

If you love wool and Liberty and linen and Florence Broadhurst…..look no further.

I will let you explore her blog and online shop at your leisure and perhaps I will see you at Hazel Green soon….