The Breakfast Project

I love breakfast. Oats are a staple. Eggs are great too. But the fact is that I get bored and busy so breakfast seems like hard work. Especially on a large scale each day. The question is how to provide healthy, low GI food for the family to start the day. We have purged the pantry of old school cereals and we are trying to quit the sugar thing, albeit with moderate success. So I am super excited about this new e-book from the girls Charmaine Dennis and Milly Dabrwoski from Fertile Ground Health. Phoenix in the Box is a project that encourages us to be passionate and intentional about the food choices we make to start our day. Today is exciting as it is the official launch day this Monday. You can buy an e-book for a very little investment. If you want to try the OMG Tasty Corn Bread check this  link out for a free recipe.