Creative? Who…me?

Godwin Bradbeer

What do I mean by ‘creative’? This is a question posed to me after a recent blog post on conversations with creative women. It is a very good question. I had intended to include all arty creative types, people making and creating something – painters, artists, crafters, designers, photographers,writers, musicians and so on. But on reflection I realise that creative women (and men) encompass so much more than that. 

In fact I think it is a part of our natural mandate. As men and women made in the image of our Creator, we were designed to want to create, to appreciate beauty and to have a desire to restore order. For most of us that is exactly what we do each day – whether we do it through the lens of a camera, a few well chosen words on a page or by keeping an organised and clean house or our to do list, I do believe we are in some way imitating our maker. 
Some of us are creating order by healing sick bodies, caring for children or the aged, improving the environment, helping producers farm productively, enhance young people’s learning opportunities, provide healthy food, develop innovative research programs in third world countries, advocate change for people with disabilities, offer wise counsel, help the poor, the sick and the widow or by serving a good coffee. The list is long. We are all creative people and when we “create” each day, however big or small we are indeed in communion with the one who made us.How have you been creative today?