Know Yourself: Part 2

This images captures some feeling about being a busy woman- identified and perhaps objectified by how she presents, what she looks like, what she is wearing. All contained into one neat box.

Just as we can be living stories -our body, our self telling others around us so much about our life without uttering a word – we can be captured by an idea of self all the same. Who amongst us still buys the same brand of jeans and has been doing so for a decade? We wear our hair in the same style and our wardrobe is of the same shades of black, grey and navy. We talk a certain way because we are influenced by the people we ‘hang out’ with, we use their words and intonations when we speak. ┬áThe places we go, the things we buy, value and cherish all form the sides of that box.

The challenge for me this year is to know myself and be wiling to acknowledge ways that I have been boxed in by my sense of self, or by the expectations of others. What kind of box do you inhabit?