The Art of Writing

Dear Friend,

How are you? I am well. I do apologise for not writing sooner. The last few weeks my family and I have enjoyed some holiday time at the beach. We have returned home  and it is indeed good to be home. However, the hustle and bustle of organising five people for school overshadows the calm of the weeks at the beach, just gone by.

Such distant memories of hot days, sand and surf. And for some so is the memory of receiving a handwritten note in the mail.

This image spoke to me when I scanned it somewhere on Pinterest. I love stationary and these wooden drawers are a much coveted item for my home. But it was the neat rows of envelopes and the inaudible cry for handwritten notes to fill each and every one of them that really got me. Have we really lost the art of writing and sending a note, a card or letter via snail mail?

Most days my postbox is filled with junk and bills. There is little incentive to check the mail box when it continues to deliver administrative notes and to dos. I long for a note from a friend asking after my health and life, remembering a birthday day or anniversary, sharing a significant event for them or their loved ones. I know we live in a digital world and I am completely sold to communicating online. But can’t we try to bring back the art of writing to each other? Snail mail?

If you think you would like to slow the pace of your life down just a little and welcome some time for reflection, writing and building relationships again the old fashioned way why not write with me? Take this little letter here as a personal note to you, to make a change and write – with – me. I will share this with my friends and family via social media. If you decide to spread the word hashtag it #writewithme2015

Make this year of writing a gentle one. Start small. Write one letter and see how it goes. Follow me on the blog or Instagram and look out for some great prompts to develop you art of writing.

Much love to you as you #writewithme2015

S x