Beds to Dream About

Mimondo Bunk Bed

As our kids have got older we have found it necessary to revisit who is sharing with who, what rooms best suit each child and their particular needs. And this applies to beds as well. How long do you leave your child in a cot? When should you purchase a king single for the fast growing teenage son? Should we have single beds or bunks? Will we actually use a trundle? And would more purpose specific furniture give us more space and help the kids to be more organised? Well the latter is my personal fantasy – I know that a new bed or storage unit won’t ensure that a clean and tidy space materialises! But I can dream.
So I am on the look out for bunk beds, preferable with a double at the bottom. But is it hard. I have looked for new and second hand, ebay and the local rag. Something well made, wooden, but not too heavy. It is proving to be a difficult task. If you have any ideas let me know. But here are a few images I found at Babyology….for someone else with a huge budget. I can dream…..

Guet Bunk Bed by Nurseryworks

Perludi’s Amber in the Sky

The Pluunk Bed