Are you Adopted?

Do you know that as a Christian, we are saved but….. there is more? Jesus rescued us but He also adopted us into His family, His Kingdom. Adoption. This is not something I have grappled with personally until now. Matt Carter from the Austin Stone Community Church along with Aaron Ivey deliver a three part series on Adoption: Rescued by Love, Rescued for Love and The Cost of Love. It is amazing. It challenges our notion of what we are called to do, how we are to respond to the global orphan crisis and asks us to consider how God’s adoption of us, might transform  how we respond to need – across our fence and across the globe.

“163 million orphans – that’s more than half the U.S. population. Global estimates often imply that all of these children have no living parents and are waiting to be adopted. In reality, less than 1/10th of 1 percent of all orphans will ever be adopted, and 90 percent of orphans have one living parent. This does not mean that these children are not highly vulnerable, but it does mean that the best response to their needs requires caring support designed to serve the child and support the community.”

One of the most powerful local stories from the Austin Stone Community was this short film – Jacob Chen: An Adoption Story. As a viewer you are urged to observe the face of each parent when they meet their son for the first time. They become family, one. They are home.

Do you know your family? Do you know that you are saved and adopted? Be rescued by this message.