Too old to braid

I like the odd braid. My girls all have plait and braids from time to time and enjoy experimenting. But I am wondering whether I am really too old to have a braid. Am I? this woman looks stylish and chic. Maybe a little bit of braid with swept up hair is what might work for the more mature woman. For me I cannot help but feeling like Nana or some hillbilly woman who needs a rocking chair. Or even better one of those darlings from the compound in Big Love. So friends tell me what you think. To braid to not to braid?

Big Love

So this is a confession of some recent trashy television viewing. Big Love-The final season. There are many things that appeal in this crazy HBO drama. It is not all fabulous acting or narrative, but a strange insight into polygamy and Mormon life. There are glimpses of Christian speak and doctrine interwoven with nasty rows between sister wives, jealousies and bitterness; dozens of children to take care of and food to be prepared. Much of the early series made marriage seem real. All the same issues were there, whether you are sharing your man or not. But the question is what does a ‘real marriage’ look like?
In a day where we see the media dominated by same sex marriage debates it is not surprising that HBO has allowed Big Love to drive a ‘political’agenda to have polygamy embedded in the average American psyche – maybe to one day make it real and seem normal. Marriage is such a gift, the relationship timeless and sacred. Tim and Kathy Keller’s book, The Meaning of Marriage is reviewed here. It looks like it might help us think about marriage and the love between husband and wife in a helpful way.
But there is really only one Big Love. HBO’s version is not it.