The week before Christmas I watched an advanced screening of Frozen in a Melbourne cinema with my two youngest girls. We were the only people there and my children were a little spooked.
But we are in Melbourne? Where are all the people? 
Our local country cinema is a quaint, purpose built space that I guess seats just over a hundred patrons so both girls had expected crowds to be lining up to see the much anticipated film. But once the film started we forgot that we were the only ones there because we were all transfixed.

I don’t think I have enjoyed an animated film so much in years. The story is an epic tale of optimism and misunderstanding, secrets, love and forgiveness. Anna is a brave, smart young girl who seeks the help of mountain man Kristoff, to help her find her sister Elsa. Elsa has icy powers that have entrapped the entire kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter – a winter that must end if Anna is to save her home and to rescue her sister.

TheWalt Disney film has been awarded a 2014 Oscar for Best AnimatedFeature and Best Song for “Let it Go”. Our home is full of the Frozen soundtrack, so don’t be surprised if you spontaneously burst into song after visiting with this film and its amazing musical score. I know this frozen tale is going to live with our family for quite sometime. It is special.