Today is my father in law’s birthday. And this month marks the beginning of a 6 month period of celebrations. We all have birthdays, anniversaries, advent, Christmas day, New Year, Chinese New Year…….it is a really busy time. I have never been good at saying no to children’s parties so we usually have some special event for the small people…..and most likely the big ones too. As my own special day approaches I have reflected on how I would like to celebrate, what I would “like” for my birthday. I think this question is harder as you get older, busier and wiser. I don’t need things, I would like experiences, time, love, words of encouragement. I love beauty, good design and fabulous food. Music that transports you to a new space, an idea that makes sense of life, a practice that helps me do life better. A truth about Him that steadies me. What do you like for birthdays? Any suggestions….for me and all the mouths I have to feed?