Screaming for Attention

It has been a slow week online. You must all be away, sick or too tired to take a peek at your regular blog feeds. Simultaneously I have had another week of FDS РI call it  Facebook Deactivation Syndrome. Do you ever feel consumed by the online world? The pull of a status update and then I open up Facebook and am very disappointed. And now I want to unplug.

So I am looking for the new thing, better thing, a new buzz. Should I get more into Twitter and control the content that comes my way? Should I launch a new writing project.

If I spent less time online meandering about maybe I would have time to:

*meditate and pray
* call a friend
* organise my wardrobe
* write a letter
* read a good novel
* listen to some great music
* take a walk in the rain
* look into my partners eyes
* thank God for my kids
* paint my nails
*cook a meal for a family in need
*organise my email inbox

and…….time to really notice what is going on in my life.

SO maybe this is an EDIT of all things online, for a time, maybe….what do you think?