Suits & Style

 Suits.  I love a good suit. It is a uniform of sorts that can transform a bad day into a good one.
I have recently discovered Suits, the TV series starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. The premise is an interesting one. A super smart college dropout talks his way into being hired as an associate for a top New York Law firm Pearson Hardman. A legal firm is the background, but essentially the television drama is all about relationships, how we communicate, whether we care and whether we need to win.
Harvey Spectre comes across as arrogant and full of bravado. But there is depth and complexity to him and his colleagues. And he looks sharp. As the series title suggests it is about suits – men in high end tailored suits and women who dress impressively. So good was this tailoring that Mr Porter – an online shopping mecca for well styled men – has collaborated with USA network’s hit television series to produce a pop up shop, and an app that helps you choose that special suit.

Mad Men brought retro style and design back into the average Joe’s living room, but Suits does this better. For that special man in your life, this could be the app that gives him that edge, a special ‘armour’