Hard Questions

If you are anything like me you have started the new year reading through other people’s blogs, articles and notes about how they are going to change in 2015. Some have set new goals, others have decided to act so that their feelings are front and centre, many more are attempting to get fit, eat well and sleep more.

I have not resolved what I want this year to look like. Yet….The year has begun nonetheless.

But I have encountered many friends who are struggling to know who they are and what they really want out of life. Maybe that is you too. There is no shame in admitting that we struggle, we are overwhelmed and we feel like we would like to rebuild parts of our life. The important thing is finding the right resources, the right people that will encourage you and stand by you as you make choices and change. For me,  my reading and thinking is anchored in my faith. At the moment I am working through Sally Clarkson’s “Own Your  Life” and I have it on a Kindle app so I can read it  on the go or in a more planned quiet time.

I have also found these questions an interesting starting point. Tricia Goyer on The Better Mom blog says:

Here are 15 question to ask that will hopefully help to get you on the right track. These question aren’t the typical ones you find in most life-coaching seminars. Instead, they are questions I asked myself.

If I had a magic eraser, what is one thing I’d take off my schedule tomorrow? (We don’t have the time to live our purpose if our time is filled with unimportant things.)
How do I want my children to describe our family to their friends when they are teenagers? (We need to establish purposeful routines now to become the family we want to be.)
What’s one thing has God asked me to do that I’m too scared to try? (God won’t do “the next big thing” unless you trust Him with the “first little thing.”)
How can I help my husband support his purpose? (My life and marriage isn’t all about me. Working together helps me find my unique purpose and helps us discover our purpose together.)
Where did I find my greatest joy as a child? (God plants seeds of purpose inside us.)
How does my childhood joy point to my life purpose today? 
What are the themes of my three favorite movies? (I bet the themes are tied to your purpose.)
What unique group of people do I feel called to share the good news of Jesus with in everyday life? (We’re missing our true purpose if we’re the only one who’s benefiting. We are created to be interconnected with the needy world.)
What can God do that I can’t concerning my purpose? (This is where the faith comes in.)
How is God glorified when I’m following my purpose?
What is one way that following my purpose will teach my children about their purpose? (Kids do what we do, not what we say.)
Who can I lean on to support my purpose?
How can I reach out to support a friend’s purpose?
How will following my purpose force me to trust God more?
What is God asking me to do TODAY?
I would be interested to hear how you are approaching the new year. And if you commit to reading Own Your Life, let me know what you think.