Interview with Valerie Little from Aunty Bird

Valerie Little has an amazing eye for gorgeous things, quality products and stylish, timeless designs. So her boutique label Aunty Bird will most definitely inspire you.

What is the design philosophy behind Aunty Bird?
Aunty Bird is a Victorian based leather and vintage goods label,designing and hand crafting leather and fabric bags.Aunty Bird was founded in 2009 when I began designing and constructing bags from reclaimed leather and vintage fabrics. I was drawn to the beautiful detail in the soft leather of gently worn jackets that I found at thrift stores. This sparked a passion for creating unique, handcrafted leather and fabric bags.My love for the original and interesting and dislike of the mass produced, along with a focus on traditional techniques ensures that all products are lovingly made with both uniqueness and quality in mind.  I also believe in striving to create with the smallest footprint possible, thus my desire to utilize upcycled and vintage fabrics and materials wherever possible. The leathers I use that are not up cycled are ethically produced using chemical-free traditional wattle bark tanning methods.My desire is to create something beautiful, unique and functional that people will love to use for many years.

When did you learn to sew and create?

As a child my mother made many of our clothes. At the time I longed to
wear mass produced and fashionable things and failed to appreciate the
loving and skillfull work that went into our everyday outfits. My mother
taught me to make the things I wanted, using clothes I already had or
found in opp shops and from this stemmed my interest in and love for
salvaging and reconstructing to make new.

What kinds of things inspire you and your designs?

I love simple and bold design and natural, high quality materials. Good
leathers and well made fabrics not only complement each other but they
are easy and pleasurable to work with. I love the shapes and colour
combinations found in the everyday and am constantly inspired by the
beauty and fragility of our natural world.

What does the future hold for your design company?

Really big things? I don’t even know myself. I
would love to spend more of my time doing what I love – creating
beautiful things, sourcing fabulous raw materials and thinking about all
the masterpieces I am yet to create.  

Here are some images of Valerie Little’s work in leather, fabric and felt.  
For more information contact Valerie.