So if you thought that sketching and scribbling on paper tableware was something for little people, think again. My man, my boy and I found much to talk about as we shared a beer and some creative expression with pencils and brown paper.

Drawing is one of my favourite things to do. And yet I make very little time to draw. I think it is my mindful activity – a way of slowing down, watching, imagining and carefully replicating, creating. Leaving a small imprint of me and the world.

Liar, Liar

Have you ever wandered how old you were when you told your first lie? And or recognised that you could in fact bend the truth?

Last week our youngest told her first whopper! As all four children stood around the playroom the conversation went like this:

Lily, did you do this?”

“….(pause…..silence) No!” replied Lily.

All other children snigger.

Clearly she is the one who has taken a shine to decorating our walls. In the following days she tried her hand at the wall/door frame too. And now the conversation goes:

“Look, I did this!” exclaims Lily.

She is proud of her work. The kids leave their art pencils and so on at hands reach, so the creativity is inevitable. Thank goodness we will renovate sometime in 2008 so these sins will be covered. But I thought a memory of them here would be good.