The Right Time

My gut tells me this statement is all wrong. Not now. Later. When I am ready, better prepared, more balanced, more grown up…..Do you find yourself having these late night chats with yourself?

And yet I know that if you came to me with a new idea, project or opportunity I would be encouraging you to go forward and make the most of it. This does not mean that I would want you to jump blindly into something you could not handle but I am aware that for many women we struggle to start the new thing because we ‘feel’ under qualified. Men on the other hand – fake it until they make it, well some of them do.

Let’s take back some of that courage and bravado and do it now. Now is the right time. Are you with me?

An "O" Chirstmas

Salvos Stores

A friend shared a great idea with me recently. Last year she decided that the family would have an “O” Christmas and I love the idea.
O is for Op Shop. Find quality second hand goods to gift to family and friends. One can recover, embellish, renovate and restore as long it is from an Opportunity shop.
O is for OXFAM or other community aid organisation like World Vision or TEAR. Here you can purchase gift cards that buy a community in need a goat, clean water, education, immunisation or the like. A great gift for hard to buy for family or work colleagues.
O is for ‘own made. Handmade goodness is always special and for those of us who like being creative Christmas can be a time to indulge. There is food to make – cordials, preserves, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, clothing, bags, artwork, jewellery, hair decorations. The list is long.

So as Christmas approaches consider an “O” season of giving and give someone else an opportunity.