Fig, Ginger and Coconut Cream

I have been contemplating cake for weeks. My man has a significant birthday fast approaching and I have been asking friends about their best cakes, flicking through books and magazines looking for the best cake recipe ever. I have had a great time revisiting a large pile of Donna Hay magazines which continue to inspire years after publication. But what has finally narrowed down my search was Books for Cooks, a compilation of the bet recipes as tested by the team from Books for Cooks from London’s Notting Hill. You know Notting Hill don’t you….from that famous Hugh Grant ¬†and Julia Roberts film! It is a wonderful place full of small boutiques and fabulous markets. I had the privilege of visiting this special place for a browse and quick bite to eat, years ago when we lived in London. A special aunt shared the visit and every now and again I remember the occasion and would love to dive back in for some more inspiration. It has floor to ceiling books on every possible food item and process. Their books really are special because they only include the best recipes from the years offering of other cookbooks. So you are likely to get a bit of Nigella, Jamie and a Women’s Weekly classic all in the same book. Heaven.
So while I have made my choice for birthday cake, you will have to wait a few days to see that one. Instead this was my experiment with dried figs, glace ginger, coconut cream and garam masala. I was after something with a slight Asian/Eastern/Mid Eastern influence. It is fabulous….I have plenty of it too if you would like a slice!

Lily is 2 years old

On Monday we had a wee party for our baby. Several friends and their small children along with family came to eat brunch and escape the 35 degree heat!! Lily was so excited she ran around wild for quite sometime.

I made her a Lola cake with much pink icing. Our baby is 2….