A Month of Skirts

I think my life needs more skirt…..I have a few. Work skirt, summer skirt, denim skirt. But these images here are fun, bright, feminine, playful. I am sure I can run around doing the school run, clean the house, shop and walk the dog in a …skirt. You see I have kinda become a jeans girl. I have a range of jeans of various comfort fittings and styles. Some that are favourites but have holes in the knees and frayed edges. Others that I wear just with boots. So I would miss my jeans if I were to edit them out of my wardrobe. I wonder how different my life would be in a skirt, everyday for a month. Dare I edit my jeans? Have a jean fast and a skirt feast. Hmmmm, let’s think about this until the end of the month.