M is for Mark and Marlon

I have made the annual pilgrimage to a local music festival. This weekend has been busy for musicians in the south western part of the state. There have been several really big names that are drawing massive crowds and other musical gems waiting to be found.

Today I discovered a newbie and an oldie. Marlon Williams, a Kiwi who oozes Elvis and Roy Orbison, commanding his guitar to make some magic. And then Mark Seymour, who continues to gather new fans while reminding the older ones of the good old Hunters and Collectors days.

Both “M” men perform well and have confidence that is fitting for their years and experience.

I am fascinated by the power of music to instill life, joy and peace in people of so many walks of life, stages and ages, shapes and sizes. Music that makes you want to move and connect; reflect and be challenged. I am reminded of the power of music past to evoke memory and nostalgia and to open new doors and opportunities. So as my man and I juggle our tribe of five and many more teenage bodies in our home this weekend I am hoping that there will be an awakening to the power of music performance. Mmmm.