The Good Mother

How to be a Good Mother with Sharon Horgan?  Are you a good mother, Ms Horgan? Well who is a good mother? Over the years I have read, chatted, written and reflected on this notion of being a ‘good’ mother. I have had my own identity crisis as I transitioned from independent, smart working woman into stay at home mother. Trapped. Grounded. For life….or so it seemed at the time.

But Horgan’s cheeky and humorous investigation of what constitutes a good mother is amazing. Frankly, I did not know what ‘good’ mothers were out there. Horgan interviews such a variety of women who believe that they are ‘good’ women you would be forgiven for thinking that she has interviewed different species of animal. Motherhood is hardwork, emotionally and physically demanding. And something no person or text book can prepare you for. So the women that appear in this documentary have all found their own way to mother.

Lynnea is a natural earth mother type who is a zealous placenta enthusiast. She will create ‘prints’ of your afterbirth, make charms, placenta smoothies and placenta capsules ( think steamed, dehydrated, ground placenta). Ah hhmm, I kid you not! Then there is Daria who is an ‘elimination communication’ advocate – yep, that means no nappies day or night, but she has such perfect synchronicity with her baby that she knows when they need to go poo.

Horgan also introduces viewers to a stripper Mum, an IT junkie mum who allows technology to organise her mothering, a woman who did not want kids and another Charlene, who has 6 kids at 27 years old and home schools them all.

My notion of motherhood has been challenged. Mothers don’t all look like me. Or my own mother. Or my friends that are mums. The good mother comes in many different forms. Each one loves and cares for her kids in the best way she knows how. As I know you do too, if you are a mum. Now that is worth celebrating.