I have a confession. I started this week naked. Yep, I felt every bit naked without my sunglasses. In recent years they have become an extra, important part of me. Reflecting the suns rays, making me somewhat anonymous and offering me protection. But mostly they are pushed back on top of my head as a pseudo hair/head upper body accessory. I know, I know this sounds quite bizarre really. But I know I am not alone. Women all over the world share my pain, share my nakedness, when the sunglasses are misplaced. Random children confiscate them. They can be put down on the kitchen bench, lost in the deep side pockets of the drivers door, abandoned on the dresser when getting changed. And then lost…..for a moment. But earlier this week I went nearly all day without them.

Now my man would tell me that extra rays are good for you. Strong light first thing int he morning can help with my body clock and help me sleep better. Plus sun is a good antidote for SAD, seasonal affective disorder . And I could do with a bit of both – more sleep and less SAD. Maybe it is worth being naked more often, even if it is just in the wee hours of the morning!