Making Sushi

My boy snapped a shot of me the other week making nori/sushi rolls for school lunches. We like variety in our lunch and endeavour to try new things with the kids. If I have rice on hand I find making these little rolls no more trouble than making a sandwich. Plus these Japanese lunch treats fulfil the no bread lunch dream. Do you find your lunches burdened by bread? My top five no bread lunches for school:

1. Japanese Nori/Sushi Rolls
2. Egg and Bacon pies – pastry free
3. Salad in a bag – a zip lock bag full of salad love
4. Thermos of home made soup
5. Oven baked Chicken Drumsticks with dipping sauce

Would you care to share your school lunch ideas for our 7mouths2feed?


Isabella has been sick for 4 and a half days with gastro. Until last night she had not eaten and drank onlywhen asked. But this morning she is smiling and talking and seems so much better. The old Bel is back. Maybe the threat of Dr Mark putting a big needle in her arm got her well. Maybe it was prayer.

No one else has been sick so maybe it was food poisoning. The sushi at the airport?? hhmm. Glad she is well.