Is Facebook your friend?

“Friendship is wonderful when you can get it, but it is frequently hard to come by…There is a real sense in which that technology can foster friendship… And yet as good as the technology is…the danger with friends today is that we have friends everywhere and friends nowhere. We have a lot of relationships but how many friendships? We have more acquaintances than ever before, we have more people in our networks than ever before, we are known by more people and can know more people than ever before and yet have no friends.”  Kevin de Young

I found this quote on Nicole Whitacre’s blog challenging. This week I am determined to review technology in my life and the life of our family. So thinking about friendship and the role it plays in social media like Facebook is an interesting one don’t you think? How many FB friends do you have? Do you know what they are up to? When was the last time you spoke to then, saw them face to face, messaged them? Who are the people you interact with online but don’t mind ignoring in the street? 

I know the blog world unveils ‘friends’ followers from all over the globe. But are they friends?  Will technology ever foster real friendship?