Is it time?

There comes a time when there is merit in reviewing a lifetime of habit. Coffee. I have been drinking coffee since I was a senior in high school. Apart from the nausea driven months of pregnancy when i couldn’t stomach it, coffee has been my constant companion. It is difficult to imagine life without her.  But recently friends and family have stopped drinking coffee due to health issues and a determination to improve stress levels and sleep quality. This has caused me to reflect again on my relationship with Ms C. I am defined by my love of her. I am a coffee drinker, I drink good coffee, not the instant stuff. I am part of the world domintion of take away, keep cup, coffee in hand at work, in the car and by the sports ground.

But somehow I cannot completely let her go. How is your caffeine habit? Does it mark your day? Does it define you?
Ms C and I have some serious talking to do. How about you?

Lost in Translation

Lutheran Church – a view from our hotel

 In the last 24 hours the heavens have opened. Summer days have turned to summer rain and thunderstorms. So much so that we received a text message at 4am to warn us about flash flooding. I think we are ok here in the hotel (he, he) and the CBD in general. But the wet weather changes my day as we move about on foot or the fabulous city bikes that pepper the city blocks.

People don’t wear bike helmets here! They ride motorbikes without helmets or protective gear. And I have seen several billboards advertising increased awareness for child safety restraints in cars. Apparently a very small percentage of the population takes child safety in cars seriously?

Foshay building

 A lovely lady in Macy’s asked me why Australians love bacon so much.Wasn’t really sure how to answer that question. And an Old Brit in a pub told us we just missed his mate how had left to find his boomerang that hadn’t come back. I am surprised at how often we are getting lost in translation. My man asked for a small latte and got a mocha latte instead, without the cream. Everything is so big – big coffees, big sodas, big, big, big…..and the coffee is not that good.

And there are a everyday things that I grew up seeing on Sesame Street, like the bright yellow School buses. School is out for the summer in a week or so. Apparently they had such an intense winter that schools were closed down for days at a time because of such bad snowstorms, so they have had to extend the term to cover the lost teaching days. Generally the CBD has been quiet on the weekend. There are a lot of conference delegates wondering the streets – with their name tags on, which I do not quite understand? But shoppers are few. Yesterday may have been an exception. My timing of another saunter into town found me walking against the tide – thousands of people were out walking, each on wearing different Health fund T- Shirts. Apparently Americans spend the most per person on medical expenses but for poorer health outcomes.

Macy’s Building – Bronze Statue of Mary Tyler Moore

 I am enjoying how learning about others offers an opportunity to learn about myself. As I adventure in America I appreciate more about my home Australia. I am embracing being the same but different. I am enjoying getting ‘Lost in Translation’.

Toxic Rainbow

Now I am less informed about this topic than I should be. I know that at least one of my little people react to red and green colour additives, a bit. But I know families that have to carefully monitor foods they buy and prepare for their children. Some extras that go into the processing and manufacturing of supermarket goodies can cause a range of reactions that impact on health and behaviour. While we keep the conversation about food alive this week, I thought this list might help some of us. You can read more here.There are great apps about that allow you to scan as you shop and easily identify the baddies amongst the goodies. What do you do? Have you had first hand experience of bad reactions to food colouring and preservatives?